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The Pathway to Higher Studies:

The Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education (MBHSE), Maharashtra, is an open schooling board that aims to cater to the varied academic needs of the divergent group of students up to pre-degree level including Secondary/Senior Secondary, skill and vocational education. MBHSE is open schooling education board in India, was established under The parliament act 2010, passed on 21-03-2010, to promulgate and disseminate the open schooling education at state & national level.

MBHSE has been granted Equivalence by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) for purposes of Higher Education and Employment. This implies that MBHSE pass outs are eligible to take admission in all Universities, Colleges and Higher Education Institutes throughout the country as well as abroad.

MBHSE has also been recognized by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling), Ministry of Education, Govt. of India as an open schooling Board. Thus the certificates of MBHSE are recognized at par with other Boards – both national as well as State level Boards of School Education.

The Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education (MBHSE) aims to uplift and strengthen open schooling education and create pathways to higher studies across the nation With a flexible education system, combining academic and vocational programmes, the mission of MBHSE is to universalize education and establish equality and justice in society.

The Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education (MBHSE) provides opportunities to interested learners to choose the following courses/ programmes through open and distance learning mode.

Secondary Program

Senior Secondary Programmer

Skills and Vocational Education Program


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MBHSE, since 2010, offers recognized open education, including Secondary/Senior Secondary and vocational programs.

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