The admission fee does not include the examination fees. The examination fees must be paid separately within the specified dates. 50% fee concession is admissible to the candidates with bonafide domicile of Sikkim on Programme Fee. Subject/Exam/Practical fees of subject selected with MBSHE under TOC will be the same as per subject fee of Secondary or Senior Secondary programme.  Practical and exam fee of subjects selected under part admission will be the same as above.  MBHSE at its sole discretion can offer scholarship to the meritorious learners.

The registration fees for both Secondary  are Rs. 1500/- and 2000/- Senior Secondary Courses for a One year Two attempts only.

The programme fee for five subjects is Rs. 9000/- for Secondary Course & Rs. 12000/- for Higher Secondary Course. For each additional subject, there is an extra charge of Rs. 1000/- for the Secondary Course and Rs. 1500/- for the Senior Secondary Course.

The practical fee per subject is Rs. 500/- for the Secondary Course and Rs. 500/- for the Senior Secondary Course, applicable to subjects with practical components.

Yes, there is an examination fee of Rs. 500/- per subject for both Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses. Additionally, fees for re-evaluation, change in examination center, and re-totalling per subject/course are Rs. 500/- each.

A 50% fee concession on the programme fee is available for candidates with disability. However, it’s important to note that the admission fee does not include examination fees, which must be paid separately within the specified dates.

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DetailSecondary CourseSr. secondary Course
Registration FeesRs. 1500/-(For One Year Two Attempts)Rs. 2000/-(For One Year Two Attempts)
Programme Fees For 5 Subject

For each additional subject
Rs. 9000/-

Rs. 1200/-
Rs. 12000/-

Rs. 1400/-
Practical Fee per subject (for subjects with Practicals)Rs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Examination Fee (Per Subject)Rs. 500/-Rs.500/-
Additional Fees For Practical examRs. 500/- per subjectRs. 500/- per subject
Credit subject fees (TOC)Rs.1000/- per subjectRs.1000/- per subject
Part admission feesRs.2000/- per subjectRs.2500/- per subject


Cost of information Brochure (Prospectus) along with the Application Form from the Office of MBHSE 500
Re –evaluation of answer script per paper500
Fee for change in examination centre500
Re Totalling fee per Subject/Course500
Duplicate Marks Card1500
Consolidated Marks Card 1000
Migration Certificate400
Verification of Certificate/Authenticity of Certificate for Domestic Institutions/ Employers/individuals learners1500 per doc.
Transcription / Verification for foreign Institutions / Universities / Employers7000
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