Our Mission and Vision
"At MBHSE, our mission is to create an educational environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation. We envision a future where our students are not just academically proficient but also socially responsible and globally aware."
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History and Legacy
"Founded in the year 2010, MBHSE has been at the forefront of educational reform and excellence in Maharashtra. Our journey from a modest beginning to becoming one of the most respected educational boards in the state is a testament to our commitment to quality education."
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Welcome To The Board Of Open Schooling & Skill Education

The Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE), Sikkim, is an open schooling board that aims to cater to  the varied academic needs of the divergent group of students up to pre-degree level including Secondary/Senior Secondary, skill and vocational education. BOSSE is open schooling education board in Sikkim, was established under Act No. 14 of 2020 of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, passed on 21-09-2020, according to the Sikkim Act 2020 to promulgate and disseminate the open schooling education at state & national level.

Hassle-free, seamless and secure admission procedures at MBHSE. Candidates need to fill the registration form to take direct online admission on website.

Admission Open 24*7

For admission in Secondary/Sr. Secondary/Skill and Vocational Education Programmes, candidates are required to submit scanned copies of original  documents listed while registering for admission. To see the list of documents click below.

Our Programs


Secondary Programme in English, Hindi and Regional Languages with flexibility in choice and combination of subjects

Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary Programme in English, Hindi and Regional Languages with flexibility in choice and combination of subjects


Empower and embellish your career with employment-oriented skill based Vocational Courses

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Further Detail about our programs

Secondary Programme
Senior Secondary Programmes
Skill and Vocational Education
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Meet Our Best Teachers

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Joint Ministerial Press Conference: 1st Australia India Education and Skills Council meeting

Flexibility in subject choice and examination, engaging and interesting study curriculum in Hindi, English and Regional Languages, Transfer of Credits up to four subjects, high-quality academic and employment-oriented programmes, and education at an affordable fee – all these make MBHSE the best Model for Schooling Board in India.

Admission to MBHSE is hassle-free, seamless and secure; interested candidates are required to fill the registration form, along with the requisite Fee, with the required documents to take admission in MBHSE. This can be done either online or at the nearest Admission Centre.

Anyone interested in upscaling his/her qualifications at Secondary/Sr. Secondary level is welcome!  MBHSE’s Open and Distance Learning (ODL) System targets a diverse group of learners including school dropouts, failed students in Board examination, rural youth, working men and women and learners from the economically underprivileged sections of the society to obtain academic  and skill-oriented Vocational Education.

  • Any person who has completed 15 years of age can apply for admission to the Secondary Programme, even if he/she has not undergone any formal education earlier. He/she will have to submit a valid proof of age as well as a certificate to the effect that he/she can read and understand the study materials as well as write an examination.
  • A person who has passed class X  can apply for admission to Senior Secondary Programme.


List of Government & Private Sectors Recognizing The Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education Certificates. 

Approved as an Autonomous Board granted by Ministry of Corporate affairs under section XIII of 2013 Companies act by Govt of India.

Approved by CR Act under MHRD, MSME & Digital India Certified. Internationally Recognized By ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29990:2010. 

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), Govt. of India has recognized MBHSE , Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education and its certificates. 

Indira Gandhi Open University, Gujarat University, Shivaji University, Nalanda University, Guru Ghasidas University, Monad University, IEC University has recognized MBHSE , Maharashtra Board for Higher & Secondary Education and its certificates. 

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