Study Centre

BOSSE has set up Study Centres in recognised schools affiliated to a National or State Board of School Education. These Study Centres are also called Accredited Institutions (AIs). BOSSE Study Centres are in all parts of the country as well as abroad.  The major role of Study Centres is to synchronize between learners and BOSSE. They are meant to act assist the learners in every way. 

Role and Function of Study Centres

  • Counsel prospective learners and provide information about BOSSE and its Programmes. 
  • Admit learners.
  • Provide study materials of BOSSE.
  • Conduct Contact Programme on Sundays and Holidays.
  • Allow learners to use the Library and Labs.
  • Collect Assignments/Practical Files from learners for continuous assessment.
  • Evaluate Assignments and send the Marks List to BOSSE.
  • Conduct Practical Exams, if asked by BOSSE to do so.
  • Act as Examination Centre for theory exams if asked by BOSSE to do so.
  • Assist learners in resolving all academic as well as administrative issues with BOSSE.
  • Act as intermediary for distributing Identity Cards, Study Materials, Roll Numbers/Hall Tickets, Pass Certificates, etc.
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Who can be Accredited Institute

  • Schools already affiliated to a recognized National (CBSE/CISCE) or State Board of School Education.
  • Colleges/Universities
  • ITI/Vocational Education Institutes for vocational/skill education. 

Note: Interested Schools/Colleges/Universities/ITIs/Institutes of Vocational Education apply online  for accreditation to function as Study Centre of BOSSE.

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